Just like everywhere else, there are four recognized seasons in Louisiana. Unlike everywhere else, the seasons in the Sportsman’s Paradise are crawfish, oyster, deer, and football. The fourth one never really seems to go away thanks to anticipation, recruiting, and did I mention anticipation?

Much has been written about football in the South: It’s a religion. People are fanatical about it. If you get married between September and December, don’t expect a large crowd to be at the church that day. It’s all true. Putting it mildly, football here is a birthright and a rite of passage.

Regardless of the colors one wears on Saturday and Sunday, at least in self-proclamation, those same hues of blood flow through his or her veins. In fact, we’re all red-blooded. Our passion runs deep, our loyalty even deeper. Like our families, it’s okay for us to curse and criticize, but criticism from the outside is unwelcome and ill-advised.

Football is back. Enjoy it.


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    August 2013